While there may be a number of things that can seriously damage your home, one that may not be on your mind right now is termites. Termite damage, once inside and eating away at the structure of your home, can be both extensive and costly to fully repair. Termites eat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. this means that damage to wood within and around your home or building can happen quickly. It is estimated that termites cause about $5 billion in property damage each year.


Inspections are done by a certified professional inspector. Our inspector has construction background and understanding of the treatments needed with the most up to date termiticide applications. Protecting your home is something we take serious. We address your concerns and have the knowledge and know how to take care of them. Our prompt service and accurate diagnosis separates us from the rest of the industry.

Termites are capable of infesting a structure without being noticed, as they live underground and can easily slip in through small cracks created as a structure settles. Damage done by termites over time can be extensive and repairing long-term termite damage can be very expensive. The best defense against a termite infestation is a home inspection and proper follow up.Whether you are purchasing a home or already own it, ensuring you have protection from termites is a must. Contact us today for a free home inspection!

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